Sick of vomiting over cereals? Looking for a pick-me-up after another case of ‘the blackout’? 

Groan no more. We understand those typical hangover struggles, especially when our hunger erupts while trying to dissolve last night’s tequila. 

So, whether you’re often feeling smashed while rushing somewhere or seeking more quick and satisfying meals to cure a spinning head, slurp on our five best instant noodle soups for your hangover! 

Spicy or salty, hot soup can remedy those yammering aches. 

Oh Sweet Hell: YuMei Instant Noodles Hunan Chili Fish Flavor 210g

If the thought of seafood doesn’t make you puke further, combined with sexy spices, then the Hunan-style, fish-flavor spicy instant noodle soup might just help stop all the “ringing” in your head. 

With white rice noodles that are slightly flat and chewy, this vermicelli pack will get your hungover butt instantly out of bed to nibble on them. They’re also easy to grab using chopsticks, especially on days when the world really feels like it’s spinning.

To top it all off are an included pack of veggies and a unique chili fish sauce that makes the soup all the more flavorful, aromatic, and potentially healing. 

Depending on how much thick hot sauce is in your “breakfast,” the expected sniffling and crying might feel so much more relaxing than any hangover. 

Mama’s Here: Samyang Korean Hit Instant Noodle – Chacharoni Chinese Soybean Paste Ramen

Is spiciness too much for your nauseous and drowsy state? Then, maybe the slightly sweet and flavorful black-bean instant ramen can make you feel like your mama came around to put you to bed. 

The black bean flavor is similar to the taste of soy sauce mixed with a slight nuttiness. So, bathe the chewy ramen noodles in the dark sauce, replacing your usual post-party meals.

Most likely, most of the twirling lights will fade in your head or help you survive a workday. Plus, a chili sauce is provided just in case you need an extra good kick. 

Slurp Me: Yumei Instant River Snail Rice Noodle Crayfish Flavour 300g Hot Pot

“Snail” might not be the first word you want to hear when hungover. However, this noodle soup, my friends, would be what the early human party animals considered ancient herbal soup medicine – with a touch of snail. 

The instant hot pot pack contains unique heating technology that requires only cool or tap water to cook it. So, get up for 2 minutes to prep and then go back to bed for another 15 minutes while the box automatically warms up through the provided heating bag inside.

The pack of thick, chili cray-flavored sauce also contains unnoticeable snail ingredients. As you slurp with one eye open yet sobering up, you might start to recall those hours before the night went awry. 

Plus, included crunchy peanut chips make every taste and bite more versatile. 

Better a ‘Food Baby’: Instant Spicy Rice Noodle Soup

If you’re the hammered type who’s more into fat and flat noodles, this instant pack might at least get you through half the day unless you mix in two packs!

They’re plain white, chewy, and slippery rice noodles but all the more fun to gnaw and swallow. With few packets of seasonings, hungover warriors might prefer this simple small meal as enough to relieve those tensed headaches. 

The included hot sauce creates a creamy mixture as well, possibly urging you to sip the whole bowl clean and go for more.  

Goddamn: Nissin Demae Ramen Noodles 

Last but not least, to top off our list of the five best instant noodle soups for your hangover is the classic instant ramen. Sometimes all you need to cure those fast heartbeats, constipation, sweats, or swirling thoughts are juicy, long, yellow, and curly ramen noodles in your favorite flavor. 

From our Nissen Demae ramen collection, we’ve got all you late-risers covered with chicken, seafood, and good ol’ spiciness. Boil water for two minutes, rip open the plastic and throw in the noodle block with flake seasonings with no remorse. 

It’s the classic chewy and fun taste of ramen that many of us can’t get enough of, even remedying mild fevers at times. The warm flood of soup might just wash down all that alcohol.