Oooh, baby! That’s what you probably dream of screaming when it comes to your favorite spicy food. Best of all, when it’s something hot and ready to slurp on. Here are the top 7 spiciest instant noodles from our on-the-go collection that will satisfy your need for a good burn. 

Nissin Demae Ramen, Hot N’ Spicy

Nothing beats a classic pack of instant ramen noodles sold in your favorite standard flavors, such as chicken, seafood, and hot n’ spicy. From our Nissen Demae ramen line, we offer all three choices. In particular, the chili-flavored set can satisfy those looking for a quick and easy noodle soup meal with a fiery kick. No overdone confetti of seasonings or odd toppings, making it perfect for simple spicy lovers. 

Kimchi flavored Instant Ramen 

That’s right, kimchi! Enjoy one of our best and unique instant meals with this ramen pack that’s kimchi flavored! For those who enjoy the traditional Korean cabbage strips soaked in spicy and sour sauce, now seize the moment to enjoy it as hot soup!

YuMei Instant Noodles Hunan Chili Fish Flavor 210g

Another unique instant prep, the Hunan-style noodle pack, comes with chili fish flavor sauce. Thus, one of our top spiciest snacks. Those seeking a taste of seafood and the chewy-fun texture of flat rice noodles slurp on this bowl of hot soup with a tangy aroma.

Samyang Carbo Hot Chicken

Looking for more than the plain chicken-flavored ramen? With this pack that’s reminiscent of both a meaty broth and garlic peppers, you’ll enjoy a truly flavorful meal. Plus, the spicy garlic powder makes the soup creamy that you might end up licking the entire bowl clean. 

Samyang Sutah Ramen

Samyang is a ramen-loving brand and known for its spicy picks, including the Sutah ramen pack. Fire up your day with its chewier-than-usual noodles and special chili powder. 

Instant Spicy Rice Noodle Soup

Tired of those yellow curls? Craving something else to slurp on? With this instant pack of flat and white rice noodles, season it with the included hot sauce to help savor the moment even more. Add also lime and any of your favorite toppings, if you don’t like too plain!

Instant Spicy Guilin Noodle

Dry or wet, enjoy this pack of vermicelli noodles after 15 minutes of prepping! A pack of chickpeas is included and spicy seasoning to give it flavor.